Glass Film Products

Solar Control window films can greatly reduce glare & heat problems in glass.

Vision Signs and glass film products is the leading supplier of solar control window film in Ireland. For over 25 years Vision has provided solutions for problems with glass.
These may be sun trap areas in an office or home that have no protection from the sun & can overheat or be very uncomfortable due to glare.

Privacy problems with glass in residential & commercial areas can be solved with our film. Vision can install privacy films or glass etching manifestation film that will give privacy.Vision can digitally print manifestation or frosted film with any image,picture, pattern or design. These beautiful digital prints can transform an unsightly view into a piece of glass art whilst giving total privacy & allowing the light to still enter.


Our Products:

Solar control films

Reduce heat gain, glare, UV radiation and save on your energy bills.Our films can also provide insulation in winter months.Heat loss through glass can be reduced by 33%.

Choose from a variety of films to reduce heat gain, glare, UV radiation and save on your energy bills.

Manifestations & glass etching film

A cost effective film alternative to traditional sandblasting for privacy.
The manifestation can be a plain band or as seen in the photos below cut outs can be made to create myriads of different effects.

Glass etching film cut outs

Music icons cut out of glas manifestation film

Create a stained glass effect film with digitally printed manifestation films.

Safety Film

Provide added security against break-ins,accidents, vandalism and bomb blasts.A clear laminate film that gives you peace of mind.